Words of Wisdom: Everyone has been hearing the buzz about whether the Hyaluron Pen and/or Plasma Skin/Fibroblast services are “legal.” First and foremost, the only person that is ever qualified to tell you if something is “legal" is an attorney. What you are reading is “opinions” or interpretations of what is found on Google or blogs. And most of these opinions are coming from doctors and nurses who are angry that something like this is even an option, it does hurt their business I totally get it, however it doesn’t make it illegal. That’s why CORRECT TRAINING is so IMPORTANT!

The service/products are just not regulated yet, that doesn’t make them bad. We aren’t trying to hurt anyone or do a botched job. I’m sure we’ve all seen botched work done by a doctor/nurse as well, so let’s be careful on who we are putting down. Just because a person isn’t a doctor/nurse, does not make them an artist who does botched work. For example, let’s take an Esthetician…they go to beauty school yet rarely learn anything about lash extensions? Microblading? Brazilian waxing? Permanent makeup? Microdermabrasion? Nor are they tested on it during the state board exam…so they must be a terrible professional? NO! And why?? Because most of these professionals spend their hard earned money to invest in “advanced” training. We can always learn and grow. This doesn’t make them any less of an artist.

Everyone will vary on their standard of work, which is why it’s important to carefully select your artist. AND just because you don’t like the way someone’s brows, lashes look etc doesn’t mean that’s how everyone in the world feels. Which is exactly why there are choices, we as customers have a right to choose what’s best for us! Now let’s talk about the products for these services…yes the fillers and the Hyaluron Pen aren’t FDA approved…why? Because these services just got introduced to the U.S., FDA approvals don’t happen over night. Our fillers aren’t from Amazon or some discount website, they are quality fillers that were carefully selected and manufactured for our company, our filler manufacturer also makes medical grade fillers for doctors. Did you know that tattoo ink isn’t FDA approved?? So is the whole world going to stop getting tattoos? Food for thought!

Let’s again just be careful on what we are saying and who we are putting down. Be kind everyone and get advice from someone like an attorney who can legally give you information and isn’t biased.